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A Step-by-Step Method for Simplifying 101 of Life’s
Most Overwhelming Projects

By Michael Antoniak
Stephen M. Pollan and Mark Levine, Editors

Whether you’re buying a home or planning a career change, making a condolence call, dealing with a stalker, handling a tax audit, or trying to navigate your HMO, LIFEMAPS: A Step-by-Step Method for Simplifying 101 of Life’s Most Overwhelming Projects (A Fireside Original; Simon & Schuster; August 15, 2002; 0-7434-0061-5; $15.00 LINK is the perfect guide to simplify any situation. Unlike many how-to books that bury a few nuggets of information under thousands of pep-talk words, LIFEMAPS offers a straightforward, step by step roadmap to even the trickiest of today’s predicaments.

By taking the successful, easy-to-read graphic format created by Stephen M. Pollan and Mark Levine for their bestselling book LIFESCRIPTS, writer Michael Antoniak has created a new and palatable way to tackle life’s formidably complex challenges.  LIFEMAPS offers simple, graphic maps that break down dozens of difficult situations into a series of easily managed steps.   Whether you need to ask for a raise, write a business plan, shop for health insurance, prepare for a tax audit or even plan a funeral, LIFEMAPS can get you on your way.  LIFEMAPS is divided into four parts:

The Basics:  Includes how to approach any problem, and the resources available for resolving it

Career and Business:Includes How to search for a job, finance a business, fight discrimination in the workplace, or set up a home office

Personal Finance: Includes How to repair your credit rating, reach your retirement goals, negotiate a price for a house, or prepare your home for sale

The Consumer: Includes how to choose an HMO, buy a car, find the lowest airfare, plan a wedding, pay college tuition bills, or care for a sick parent

LIFEMAPS is the how-to book for the 21st century; the perfect manual that refines thousands of words worth of information down to its practical essence:and makes absorbing information as painless as possible.

About the Authors:
Michael Antoniak is a freelance writer based in Dowelltown, Tennessee and the author of How to Open Your Own Store, How to Start a Home Business and A Home From The Woods.
Stephen M. Pollan is a New York City-based attorney and life coach who has been dispensing advice on the business of living for more than thirty-five years. He and Mark Levine collaborated on the previous Lifescripts and thirteen other practical advice books.

LIFEMAPS: A Step-by-Step Method for Simplifying
101 of Life’s Most Overwhelming Projects
A Fireside Original / Simon & Schuster Trade Paperbacks
Publication Date: August 15, 2002
ISBN#: 0-7434-0061-5
Price: $15.00

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