LIFEMAPS: A Step-by-Step Method
for Simplifying 101 of Life's Most Overwhelming Projects
A Fireside Book published by Simon and Schuster, © 2002

By Michael Antoniak
Stephen M. Pollan and Mark Levine, Editors

If you've ever felt overwhelmed by life challenges, and hard pressed for the time to adequately research options for dealing with them, Lifemaps has the problem solving advice you need.

Whether it's concerns about career, family, retirement, consumer issues, personal finance, your home or money, this "How-to" book is loaded with practical advice. Lifemaps cuts through the clutter to provide the essential planning information you need to deal with a broad range of challenges you can expect to face in your personal or professional life. Topics like career advancement, buying or selling a home, protecting family privacy, smart
 shopping, evaluating medical care, planning for retirement, etc. (Table of contents )

Each chapter, or Lifemap, combines a quick study on the issues and implications of each challenge, some terms you'll need to understand, and a list of resources you can consult if you need more. Then the Lifemap outlines a strategy for achieving your goal, solving the problem, or meeting the challenge, as a series of manageable tasks you can easily apply or adapt to your particular situation. (Read a sample chapter )

These Lifemaps present practical examples of time and money saving methods for simplifying life's challenges laid out in the first section of the book. It includes Lifemaps on problem solving, researching any topic, evaluating professionals and contracts, and resolving disputes.

Lifemaps is a resource loaded with practical advice you'll turn to again and again, a useful book and a great gift which belongs in every home library.

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