A Step-by-Step Method for Simplifying 101 of Life’s
Most Overwhelming Projects

By Michael Antoniak
Stephen M. Pollan and Mark Levine, Editors

Complete Table of Contents

Part 1 Lifemaps: the basics
1. How to use lifemaps
 2. How to approach any problem
3. How to research anything
4. How to do research on the Internet
5. How to tap into online resources
6. Should you do it yourself or hire a professional?
7. How to evaluate a professional
8. How to protect your interests in a contract
9. How to resolve disputes

Part 2 Lifemaps for career and business
10. How to conduct a job search
11. How to prepare a resume
12. How to prepare for an interview
13. How to evaluate a company and a job offer
14. How to get a raise or promotion
15. How to fight age, sex, and race discrimination
16. How to propose new workplace options
17. How to develop a business plan
18. How to raise start-up funds for your business
19. How to select a business partner
20. How to investigate a franchise or business that's for sale
21. How to incorporate your business
22. How to choose a business location
23. How to set up a home office
24. How to make your home business more professional
25. How much should you charge for your service or product?
26. How to get publicity
27. How to evaluate advertising and promotional media
28. How to launch or promote your business online

 Part 3 Lifemaps for personal finance
29. How to obtain a lower-rate or no-fee credit card
30. How to repair your credit rating
31. How to launch an investment program
32. How to establish household and personal budgets
33. How to select a financial adviser
34. How to select a pension plan
35. How to set and reach your retirement goals
36. How to select a retirement location
37. How to determine your insurance needs
38. How to buy home and auto insurance
39. How to buy life and disability insurance
40. How to buy long-term care insurance
41. How to avoid a tax audit
42. How to handle a tax audit
43. How to make a will
44. Should you buy or rent your home?
45. How much can you afford to pay for shelter?
46. How to judge a community
47. How to judge an individual apartment, co-op, or condominium
48. How to judge an individual house
49. How to negotiate the price and sales contract of a home
50. How to raise a down payment
51. How to obtain or refinance a mortgage
52. How to obtain a home equity loan
53. How to prepare your home for sale
54. How to find a trustworthy real estate broker
55. How to price your home for sale
56. How to hire and deal with a moving company
57. How to plan a home renovation project
58. How to find and choose a home renovation contractor
59. How to buy vacant land
60. How to appeal the amount of your property taxes

Part 4 Lifemaps for consumers
61. How to choose a long distance plan
62. How to choose an HMO
63. How to appeal an HMO's refusal to pay
64. How to find a good physician
65. Should you buy or lease a car?
66. How to buy a car from an auto dealership
67. How to buy a used car privately
68. How to shop for an auto loan
69. How to sell your used car
70. How to deal with an auto repair problem
71. How to find the lowest possible airfare
72. How to get the lowest rate at a hotel
73. How to stop junk mail, telemarketing, and e-mail "spam"
74. How to control how your charitable donations are used
75. What to do if your purse or wallet is stolen
76. How to deal with identity theft
77. How to resolve consumer complaints
78. How to file and win a case in small claims court
79. How to trace your family tree
80. How to craft a fair prenuptial agreement
81. How to plan a wedding
82. How to find quality child care at home and away
83. How to get help for a child with special needs
84. How to make college tuition bills more manageable
85. How to choose and gain admission to the right college or university
86. How to craft a fair divorce settlement
87. How to win custody of your child
88. How to plan a funeral
89. How to become a naturalized U.S. citizen
90. How to research a health problem
91. What to do if you are diagnosed with a serious illness
92. What to do when a relative shows signs of depression
93. How to protect your medical privacy
94. How to manage medical care from many miles away
95. How to get a parent onto Medicaid
96. How to get a loved one into a good nursing home
97. How to arrange home care for a loved one
98.  How to deal with domestic violence
99. How to stop a stalker
100. How to deal with problem neighbors
101. How to get the police to act on a complaint

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