A Home From The Woods:
Adventures and Methods
Building and Restoring Authentic Log Cabins
just published byiUniverse

Learn To Build, Renovate or Restore An Authentic Log Cabin
with this book, based on the authors' experiences
completing four different log cabin projects.

    If you’ve ever dreamt of building your own log cabin, or wondered if or how it could be done, A Home From The Woods has the answers and inspiration.
    Half personal narrative, half how-to, A Home From The Woods is drawn from the experience and insight gained completing four different log cabin projects: Uncovering and Restoring A Standing Cabin; Building A Hand Hewn Cabin; Building with Rounded Logs; and Taking Down and Rebuilding An Original Log Cabin. (See the complete Table of Contents )
     That straightforward advice on methods is balanced with a tinge of humor in first person narratives as the author relates his young family’s experiences and misadventures completing these projects. With little finances and less know-how, but plenty of determination and a little creativity, they proved again and again that if you long for that idyllic cabin of earth and wood, it can be achieved.  (Read some Excepts )
     And, even if you’ll never set first foot in the forest you’ll be entertained reading what some people will put themselves through for "the simple life" in the country.
    A Home From The Woods: Adventures and Methods Restoring and Building Authentic Log Cabins is available for order now from iUniverse,Amazon.com, Barnes and Noble.com, BooksAMillion.com or for order through your local bookstore. This is author Michael Antoniak's fourth book, and the first for iUniverse. (Check out Lifemaps, my most recent book from Simon and Schuster )

A Home from the Woods
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